• Premium Brands

    Specialising in Premium Vet Care and Animal Products for Small Animals and Horses

    Premium Brands

    Specialising in Premium Vet Care and Animal Products for Small Animals and Horses

  • About Us

    Equine Sanctuary Limited (HK)


    Equine Sanctuary was founded in 2007 in Singapore by Managing

    Director, Eric Koh.


    What began as a dream to provide Race Horse an ideal place for full restorative care, Equine Sanctuary has since grown to be Singapore’s Leading Horse Products Distributor and Horse Care Services Provider.


    In 2009, Equine Sanctuary has expanded its distributor arm to other parts of Asia including Malaysia, China, Macau and South Korea.


    Equine Sanctuary has now established a base in HK to further expand its reach into Asia and now includes in its product offerings – Premium Vet Care and Pharmaceutical Products for Small Animals and Horses.


    To become Asia’s largest, most-reliable, professional suppliers of veterinary and animal products with excellent customer support

  • Our Team

    Meet our Team

    Eric Koh

    Managing Director

    Eric Koh is the Managing Director of Equine Sanctuary Pte Ltd (Singapore) and Equine Sanctuary Limited (HK). Eric started in the Equine Industry in 2000 as a Stipendiary Steward and Racing Manager at the Singapore Turf Club and left in 2007 to start Equine Sanctuary Pte Ltd. Eric is the principal driving force for the growth of Equine Sanctuary as a Premier Horse Care Service Provider to Singapore's leading provider of Quality Horse Products. Equine Sanctuary Pte Ltd has established distributorships of Horse Products to other parts of South East Asia and North Asia as well as completed various Equine related projects in China and Inner Mongolia.

    Khoo Lay Chin


    Lay Chin supports the overall business development and administrative front of the Equine Sanctuary Group of Companies – armed with knowledge and network acquired since 2000 in both the Racing and Sales and Business Development Division at the Singapore Turf Club.

    Stella See

    Director(Business Development), Pharmacist

    Stella is the co-founder of Equine Sanctuary (HK) Limited and she is responsible for the business development and product management division of the company.


    She is an Australian registered pharmacist, experienced in human and veterinary health care. Being active in the industries since 2005 and within regional executive roles especially in the Asian market, she has comprehensive exposure in distributing, recommending, marketing and growing business out of medicines and health supplements for both human and animal.

  • Our Products

    Equine Sanctuary focuses on overall health of pets including dogs, cats and horses for all pet owners


    Veterinary medicines including fleas, ticks and mites, wormers, fly and lice control, pain control, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories etc

    Nutritional Supplements

    Natural products for pet’s wellbeing especially in joint support and mobility, digestion, immunity, skin and coat, recovery and heart health

    Pet food and snacks

    Green, superfood, raw, nutritional and balance diet to meet daily needs